The project involves the making of a VFX trailer for a short sci-fi thriller film called A Lost Soul.

The film tells the story of Adam, a man who struggles with pill addiction and who one day discovers a little box in the middle of an alley. The events that follow cannot be distinguished as reality or dreams. The appearance of a mysterious woman who is in danger and a man who wants to take the box complicate Adam's mind. 

Concerning the trailer, the use of visual effects and compositing techniques dominate along with editing techniques and audio implementation, utilising technologies taught throughout the MSc course. The final result aims to trigger the viewer with the desire to watch the film and act as a marketing tool in terms of promotion.

Cameras: Sony EX-1 and Nikon D7000

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Nuke 7, PFTrack, Garageband
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